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This band sounds like the sound of spitting in someone you don’t like’s face, having them realize what a shitty person they’ve been, and the whole thing ending in a big hug. Whiny, crude, propulsive, and catchy even; NEONATES come from L.A. and bring classic shambling post-punk sounds with them. Classic trio set up has noodley little guitar riffs exploding all over the place like those worm things that shoot out of the can (you know the ones). Bass is solid, drums are all over the place, and the vocalists do some sort of weird passive yet passionate singing/sound uttering. If you are into the days when DESPERATE BICYCLES and KLEENEX were walking the earth, or if you like GRASS WIDOW, but want to hear a rawer take on some of their influences then don’t be a dummy. That’s what NEONATES are here for! Like a dopey shit I missed this band play in Boston a mere 3 days ago @ Dreamhaus (they were on tour with D.C.’s awesome PRIESTS). They just released a full length (online at least) called NEONATES, and it’s 11 tracks deep into the previously described style of post-punk shit. A crude and cruddy poppy post-punk wonder is each track. This is a sound I’m never going to get sick of when done right. NEONATES are quite right.

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