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After a demo and a handful of 7” records, 2013 saw the debut LP of the Netherlands’ Nekromantiker, split-released by SPHC and Bong Records. The album continues to develop their sound: classic Japanese noise-punk in the vein of Confuse and Gai, filtered through contemporary Japanese noise-punk acts. The result is the drumming of Confuse combined with harsh, experimental, and often abstract guitar noise. Nekromantiker come across as a more Japanese-sounding version of Lebenden Toten, but what sets them apart from the majority of bands working in this style is the textural quality of the guitar feedback. The aggressive and abrasive songs are augmented by more dynamic noise than the standard guitar feedback of nth-generation noise-punk bands, creating something that expands upon the genre instead of merely reiterating it. The 11 tracks here fly by too quickly and leave you begging for more. Hopefully more will be soon to follow. Hell, they are probably the only band who still haven’t released a split with Sete Star Sept. Essential release for fans of the genre.

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