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Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz — Tropycaliptic Excursions


NATURKUNDE MUSEUM OSTKREUZ is a new name to me. The Amsterdam/Berlin duo of Morten J. Olsen and Rubén Patiño make a heavily rhythmic brand of electroacoustic music using actual percussion as well as electronics (SuperCollider). This music is far from being traditional electronic dance music and is not really close to any other kind of music that I’ve ever had the chance to hear. You know it’s good when you have trouble describing it! That just might be one thing that I’m always searching for in music and art: a high level of difficulty in describing what I’m experiencing to someone else!

These two make it pretty difficult, but I can say that their music is very fun, almost whimsical, flitting from groove to groove as it does. “Zaragoza Variations” is one-third of the group’s latest release, TROPYCALIPTIC EXCURSIONS. Electronic dance music is alluded to, as is hip hop, various examples of rhythmic noise, and just plain whatever it is that you consider awesome densely rhythmic music (HORSE LORDS, POWELL, FELA KUTI, KONONO Nº1, or you know, whatever). Really weird, deeply groovy, yet at the same time scattered landscapes of rhythm. “Zaragoza Variations” is the longest track on the record at seven-plus minutes (all are at least five-plus), and despite its length it’s over in a heartbeat. (Really, I just listened to this track about 15 times. Damn.) Jabby synths, rolling snare drums, blown-out bass. It’s all in your face over @ Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz ‘s house!!! THE DEATH OF RAVE (a label that’s really been making it happen) released Tropycaliptic Excursions very recently; NMO have also released stuff via Hassle favorite label DRID MACHINE. Small world. And what a world it is. Olsen is also part of the N COLLECTIVE. Slip it in your ear at your next good-time thing.


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