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Nap Eyes latest release is a medley of sounds and ideas – it is a little jangly, a little dark, a little humorous, and a little bit psychedelic. The album has a general formula, incorporating the retro mysticism of old psych bands with the simplicity of modern folk and pop. The lightly worn vocals of Nigel Chapman make the music welcoming, creating an interesting contrast with the chaotic guitar parts. The rhythm and lead guitar trace over each other, leading some songs with choppy and upbeat riffs, on others creating a slow and woozy background. There are even experimental touches of warbling distortion and folk-like slide to add more texture. The band seems to thrive on incongruity, and unexpected sinister song titles like “Delirium and Persecution Paranoia” and “Dark Creedence” are given to the bright rock. That is not to say that the album is distinctly cheery, and many of the songs contain forlorn lyrics. Chapman’s voice uses subtle tricks, shifting between warm or melancholy tones in every song. The eclectic mix of sounds and concepts fit together seamlessly, and the entire album is intricate and charming.

The album was recorded on Nap Eyes’ home turf in Nova Scotia and is available now from Plastic Factory Records.

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