2017 Year Enders

My 20 Favorite Album Covers From 2017


Keith Rankin co-runs the amazing Orange Milk Records. He did his best to find the artists info for all of these releases!

Actress – AZD

Antwood – Sponsored Content (visual art El Popo Sangre (a.k.a. Paulin Rogues)

Bjork – Utopia (Visual art by Jesse Kanda)

Complete Walkthru – Social Security (visual art by Mason Lindroth)

Dent May – Across the Multiverse (visual art by Robert Beatty)

DV-i – Research + Development (visual art by Andrew Noel + DV-i)

Firetoolz – Interbeing (visual art by Jeremy Coughbrough)

glue70 – Light Floor

Golden Cup – Futura (visual art by Al Porta)

I am just a pupil – Crystal Pain

Jlin – Black Origami (visual art by Robert J. Lang and Kevin Box. Photo by Bill Stengel)

Jock Club – Morphism (visual art by JS Aurelius)

Jonáš Gruska – Spevy (visual art by Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy)

Kai Whiston – Fissure Price

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – By Your Side

Kelela Take – Me Apart (visual art by Mischa Notcutt, Kit Mason, Daniel Sannwald)

Klein – Tommy

LODSB – Helicon 2  (visual art by LODSB)

Visible Cloaks – Lex(visual art by Brenna Murphy)

Zurkas Tepla – Permanent Research (visual art by Zurkas Tepla)

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