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Muerte put out the best demo of 2013 (in a year that featured numerous strong demos from the likes of Japanese Furnace, Stupid Life, La Misma, etc.). The four-piece from Mexico comprised of members of Crimen, Tercer Mundo, and Inservibles. The band plays an lo-fi gothy, dark hardcore punk and derives a lot of its effectiveness through the interplay between the three vocalists. The three vocals build upon the gloom of the guitar lead and create something raw, dirty, and unique at the same time. The sound feels something along the lines of Inservibles playing a more up-tempo version of Neon Piss. They’re currently touring the east coast with Tercer Mundo, and you would be remiss not to hit up at least one of their shows along the way. Unfortunately there is no Boston date, but they’ll be in Providence and NYC in the coming week. The live show is yards ahead of their stellar demo, and will only serve to build anticipation for the LP on SPHC still off on the horizon. Contender for 2015 album of the year?

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