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Hyperprolific Georgian ambient/synth composer Rachel Evans, aka Motion Sickness of Time Travel, is now most of the way through with her her most ambitious project to date. The “Moon Series” is a collection of 12 limited self-released CD-Rs, each comprised of one hour-long track, which are issued monthly and dedicated to the 12 full moons of the year. Each release is titled after the name each corresponding full moon is given in the farmer’s almanac.

The Strawberry Moon takes place in June and is also known as the Honey Moon. Interestingly, it fell on Friday the 13th this year. Evans’ take on this one, however, tends to avoid the ominous and spooky “Friday the 13th” vibe and instead offers us something more akin to an airy, ethereal midsummer night’s wanderings. Organs drone pastorally and light, shimmering synths flit about like fireflies as somewhere in the distance Evans’ voice occasionally calls out longingly and indistinctly like a half-forgotten pleasant memory. She creates beautiful ebbs and flows over the course of this piece, in a manner not unlike her subject creating the ebbs and flows of the tide.

Ambition on this level is to be commended, especially when the results are as pleasant as they are on Ballade for a Strawberry Moon. This beautiful, unobtrusive and simple music is perfect for reading, writing, working on art, meditating or just getting lost in your own thoughts.

Ballade for a Strawberry Moon (and the rest of the moon series) is available on bandcamp.

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