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Moor Mother – Fetish Bones


A noise trip from Philadelphia. Unconventionally it arrives via DON GIOVANNI RECORDS (a GREAT rock-ist label normally, not that they don’t get weird…). FETISH BONES is the debut full length of Philadelphia-based musician, artist, and activist, Camae Ayewa, who performs under the name MOOR MOTHER and who has been a force in the Philly underground going on a decade. FETISH BONES offers a dense tapestry of sound, an amalgam, a sonic collage: spoken word, buzzing electronics, samples, offbeat rapping, cut up gospel, all of it coated in a visceral audio activism and presented to us via 13 digestible (roughly) 2 minute chunks (of anger and madness).

Typically, I am most enthralled when the rhythmic attack gets ratcheted up. “KBGK” is a prime example, with its skewed rapping cutting through a thick fog of electronics, sounding like a big smack upside the head (which was surely needed).

“Tell Me About It” matches it’s lyrical hopelessness with a throbbing musical equivalent, MOOR MOTHER’s voice queasily meshing with a backing vocal sample that is just wilding out. The Afrofuturist tag is apt, so fitting for the sound movement that Camae Ayewa is living. This is music of the moment, if I may say so. Smart, trippy, fucked up protest music. Consider me engaged.

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