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Mirror – Universal Dismay


If you have your ear to the ground, looking for new punk records, then you’re going to want to know about the band Mirror, from Texas. Their new EP, titled “Universal Dismay” is brimming with classic hardcore influence, and invigorating energy.

Compared to their first demo from last year, “Universal Dismay” shows a significant step forward in production and overall sound. But the record still feels raw and natural. With blistering drum beats and overdriven bass riffs, the EP begs to be listened to through a good sound system that can do justice to this heavy low-end sound. Meanwhile the aggressive, flanger-soaked guitars make the whole EP sound like chaos. The vocals, heavily reverbed, are belted out with true ferocity and fit perfectly with the loud, hostile instrumentation.

This is a punk EP that truly adheres to it’s roots. With most tracks coming in at around two minutes long, it certainly doesn’t overindulge in itself. You just definitely cannot ignore the epic energy from tracks like “Varicose” and “Boot Licker”. Mirror provides us with a real “NO B.S.” punk record, which is awesome to hear in a day and age when so many “punk” bands are loading up on auto-tune and acoustic ballads.

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