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>Mini-Interview w/ EXTREME ANIMALS/ GO TO: TONITE(4/25) @ House of 1000 Smiles(Allston)



Bodies of Water Shows/ presents…

4/25 @ House!(aka House of 1000 Smiles)
Allston, MA(email for address)

$5-$10 sliding scale

w/ Extreme Animals(mems. Paper Rad), Death Shepherd, Big Digits, Hunnie Bunnies

When it comes time to think about the intersection of straight up dance music(big bass, undeniable dance beats, party attitude) and experimental noise there is very little to ponder. Very few have braved this territory in a meaningful way. And perhaps the greatest and mightest warriors who have dared travel these crossroads are EXTREME ANIMALS. Born of basements and warehouses, large and small. Forged of fire, glitched out sound laboratories, and LSD strewn animation studios. This is more than a band. This is a 2 man wrecking crew of your ideas about what dance music can be, and about how fun “noise” can possibly get. DO NOT MISS. DO NOT MISS. DO NOT MISS. With party starters BIG DIGITS and noisenik danceheads HUNNIE BUNNIES & DEATH SHEPHERD.

And also a lil’ carppy interview with the EXTREME ones…

1) so how long has extreme animals been banging out the jams?
since summer of 2002–9 years??? We have either been in school or were teaching through much of this, now neither of us have “jobs”.
2) there’s two of you and you live in different cities, correct? how does the music making process go down with that arrangement?
we both just recently moved to NYC and have been able to practice “IRL” for the first time-which has completely changed the band . . . Before that, David would write songs and send them to Jacob in the MIDI file format for Jacob to remix. We never really rehearsed before previous tours, we would just listen to the tracks in the car to learn them. . . 
3) what has been inspiring you lately?
NETFLIX, DR. LUKE, TWITTER, JUICEBOXXX, Club Infinity, Ghetto Gothik, Dis Magazine, Louis CK, XeasycoreX
4) who are some of your favorite music makers going today?
Brittney’s new album is really really good–it is not bloated like I imagine Lady Gaga’s new album is going to be . . . Dr. Luke produced some tracks 4 it. If u don’t like Dr. Luke u might not be  a fan of Extreme Animals. In the car David plays these things:”Me and My Puppy” by Giovanna, Next Life, Cephalotripsy, Kreayshawn, Cody Simpson “iYiYi”. Jacob usually plays the first song off of Cat Power “Moon Mix”,  then falls asleep. When David is driving he flips through the radio stations really fast for hours on end, creating a nice noisy lullaby for Jacob to try to sleep to. 
5) why should everyone come see you @ house of 1000 smiles on 4/25?
If you have never seen us play before you will perhaps be excited by our high energy and loud volume levels. You might be surprised by the combination of pop music samples and harsh feedback noises paired with metal guitar riffs and youtube clips of people pouring slime over their heads. We have been practicing really hard and have some funny things to say in between songs:) 
If you HAVE seen us play before, we sound and look different now. Jacob has gained some weight, David’s hair is longer. We are playing with video projections for the first time and David is playing guitar instead of drums, which means the Kick sound will hopefully be louder. If you were a fan of “Trash Talking” by Paper Rad you might like the new videos.

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