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Minais B – As The River At Its Source


Introducing Minais B, the brainchild of Villads Klint. Also a member of the experimental-pop trio, Khalil, who released their first record on Posh Isolation earlier this year, The Water We Drink. Copenhagen-based experimental label, Petrola 80 is housing his debut EP, As The River At Its Source, a solo project that will undoubtedly take you on a hauntingly wild ride. I’m warning you though: listen only when you have a decent chunk of time for self-analysis or something of the related sort. Easily, this record screams intellectualism, alluding to many complex questions and ideals. Not only does it act as a sonic sociology experiment, but also as an exploration of the human condition. It urges one to push outside of themselves, and by the end, you’ll be left wondering at which point in time you entered the astral world.

The record plays like a good book reads – continuous and expectant. There is a constant whirlwind of noise and stark synthy vibrations that loosely sew the narratives together, with an interweaving harshness. Despite the frequency of the serene voice throughout the track, I always found it to be pleasingly unpredictable. At one point, the voice states, “I spit again, I take the stranger finger in my mouth, press my face against the fence so the finger can dance in my throat.” As stated in the press release, it is meant to explore “the complexity and despair of human beings in unfamiliar environments.” With that, the track shifts from speed to speed, and the poetics oscillate, accompanied by ghostly accents and hints of classicism.

So, what exactly is the defining quality here? As The River At Its Source is the epitome of what an experimental record usually intends to achieve. At least, in terms of what I personally look for: music that challenges conventions and understandings in a musical sense and a metaphysical sense as well. This absolutely did the trick.

I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

You can pick up your own 12″ copy on October 21st! Until then, the full EP is available for streaming.

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