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MELTED TOYS’ first full-length album is a surreal and synth-splattered landscape, each song carefully lulling the listener into the band’s woozy, indie-pop fever-dream. The songs are soaked in color, a fitting reflection of their vibrant San Francisco hometown. It is there that the high school buds formed their band, and the songs they have created are packed with the kind of sentimental nostalgia that is characteristic of old friends reminiscing. There are deliberate touches throughout the album that evoke these feelings. 80’s era drum loops come in at every opportune moment, producing a fitting retro atmosphere.

But the centerpiece of the album is the whirling synths which whisk you onto the band’s hypnagogic roller coaster as it runs up and down through each song’s sunny scenes. Singer Steven Harkins’ wispy voice rides along, it of a full soft tone
that is never too obtrusive. It just washes into the rich synthesizer sounds, like another psychedelic instrument woven into the mix. Other instrumental elements make their presence known as well; a grinding guitar here, or the occasional thud of actual drums, serving to break up the hazy flow.
“Postcard” is a stand out, featuring a choppier and more rhythmic approach to their dreamlike sound. A warm psychedelic ride throughout, MELTED TOYS carries the listener with it.

MELTED TOYS have released this dreamy debut album on UNDERWATER PEOPLES.

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