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Melkbelly – “Elk Mountain”


There is an alley. It’s my alley. It’s your alley. It’s the edgy, funky, weird pop alley and Melkbelly is strutting all up and down that strip right now. For a mere 4 minute at a time. This new single “Elk Mountain” is fire from a band that’s been smoking hot for awhile. Everything I’ve heard from them for years has been good and I feel confident saying this is the best. Probably what they’re going for right? Either way. Damn good.

Simply put, “Elk Mountain” is a nice slice of deranged pop. You think you’re safe in the confines of their lackadaisical grooves, sweet and sour vocals and sharp ass hooks but then you realize you pitched your tent on a cliff and the fucker is tipping over. The tune drops out, sidles back in, hangs out in dark space and makes more unusual, noisy movements before coming to a crashing halt. Truly gripping, hypnotic stuff. A+
Hopefully behind every great single is a tour that takes the group in question to New England. This band hasn’t been through in a minute (ever??) and they will be here TOMORROW… you should all know! Psyched to see them play the Elks lodge. Probably drop around 10 cause the curfew is 11 there.

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