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Meet the DAP Artists: Frugal Collective!


Quality art on a budget is the goal at the Institute of Affordable Art, an exhibit at the Dorchester Art Project (DAP) dedicated to local masterpieces under fifty dollars. With pieces from a wide array of Boston-based artists, the DAP Institute of Affordable Art is a must for holiday shoppers and art hoarders alike. Meet some of the brilliant creators behind the show and see for yourself why you should support local artists!


Richard Falzone

Falzone, owner of Voidspire Manufacturing, is a Boston-area laser artist who specializes in digital glitch art, reflecting “things that facilitate an era’s society.” After hunting around for local opportunities to display his work, Falzone came across the Dorchester Art Project and decided to get involved. Falzone stresses the importance of grasping modern-day machinery, “you need to use a computer to have true control in a modern society, and need to understand what control a network of computers can have on you.” Many of Falzones pieces have a techno-industrial vibe, resembling hardwire and transportation systems. To create what Falzone refers to as an “aesthetic that reflects the raw reality of a modern city,” he uses manufactured wood, digital tools, and acrylic. “The aesthetics I am trying to create are something that are frequently and pointedly avoided in art that is trying to be more traditionally pleasant […] I enjoy presenting something different, in many aspects of my life and work,” said Falzone. Check out more of Falzone’s work at



Indigo-Infrared is an organized group of “young, like-minded artists, creating a pathway to success,” said Indigo. “Our mission is to explore the global aspect of the arts, entrepreneurial-ism, history, philosophy, religion and education,” writes their website mission statement. Started just two years ago by Romard Myers, the group offers artwork on several platforms such as painting, illustration, videography, apparel design and more. The company also stresses the importance of community needs and realities, focusing on local support and mutual artist-empowerment. Although their works are locally displayed at the Dorchester Art Project and Afro-Caribbean Museum, Indigo-Infrared is now “branching out in different areas such as Florida, Oregon, Texas, and California,” with new ideas and venues in mind for 2019. Indigo said the idea for the pieces in the DAP Frugal Collection, “comes from the inner child in me that found out he is no longer a child but a man with the ability to express through this medium.”  Find more Indigo-Infrared pieces at


Elle Marrone

Marrone, a local dog walker and founder of Artifacts Everyday, drew inspiration from her furry clients for her dog portraits featured in the DAP collection. “I chose a pictorial theme that I thought fit each pup,” said Marrone. Aside from digital portraits, Marrone mainly works to create wearable art in the form of jewelry. “I strive for my designs to be different and playful […] the colors and patterns are mostly interpretations of the breathtaking sights I see each day,” she said. Marrone works with polymer clay for its durability and fun colors. “The shapes and structures of my wearable arts are informed by the body, specifically my body, what I want to highlight or hide.” She also makes beautiful headpieces which Marrone calls “magical armor,” to “reclaim her appearance” after a flare up with alopecia. In three words, Marrone describes her work as “playful, enticing, and different,” with the goal of her art striking up conversation and magnetism. Now, Marrone has a gallery/studio in the SoWa district and participates in local markets around the Boston area! Check out Marrone’s ready-to-wear pieces at


Neil Horsky

Handmade talismans with a mission to address community issues will be on display and ready for purchase at the DAP Affordable Art Show. Horsky makes them as part of his “Street-Sweeper Talisman” project. The goal of his project is to expose the “vicious and vindictive scam” in his neighborhood by collecting the trash left behind. Horsky says the remnant items “have a strength in them, a resiliency to the street sweeper, so I select from those items and I make these kind of double sided collages, laminated, hole-punched, and hanging from dog tags that you can hang from your rearview mirror in that it provides some spiritual protection.” As a long-time member of the BRAIN Arts organization, Horsky describes himself as a community artist, devoting much of his time to collaborative pieces in all mediums along with the occasional guest lecture. “I’m always trying to push the boundaries of my own practice and pick up new skills or apply my way of working to either different media or new audiences or just trying to experiment and expand my palette.” Check out more of Horsky’s projects at

As a part of DAP’s Frugal Collective Show, the Institute of Affordable Art will be constantly  rotating pieces, so you’ll see something new each time you stop by! Gallery hours are from 12 – 6 PM on Saturdays and Sundays, but private appointments can arranged. DAP is located at 1486 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02122. Email [email protected] for more information.


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