Meat Dreams – Demo


Meat Dreams don’t exist, yet they are everywhere. When you think. That is a Meat Dream. Meat Dreams do not just start. They never end. Meat Dreams. It’s what is good for you. Tonic for the soul. Add to this music and what do you get? Meat Dreams. To demonstrate what must be demonstrated. Meat Dreams.

I’m not going to lie. The cover of this Demo is pretty spiffy. The great thing about punk rock is you can write songs very quickly. You learn something about structure when you don’t think. It’s like being drunk 24/7. Punk Rock is the power and kinetic life force of the terminally pickled. That sheer will to survive; overcoming the universe if it means making it to the package store before it closes.

UMASS Amherst is called “The Zoo” for a reason. I mean, William Bulger… Nevermind. I wouldn’t want to be guilty of “droopy-drawers reporting“.

Meat Dreams for President.

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