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MASS TEXT: Who has worse breath: King Kong or Godzilla? A comprehensive analysis


A question argued over by humans for centuries. A debate older than Batman v. Superman and as pop as T Swift v. KP. Earthwurms zine, Who has worse breath: King Kong or Godzilla? A comprehensive analysis, breaks down where we are now with this classic debate.

The 4.25″ x 5.5″ (A2), partial color, folio zine consists of historical images and collaged text. Who has worse breath? includes expert opinions within the field and analyzes the subject in four rounds: diet, genetic makeup/oral hygiene, teeth, and peers’ opinion. Who will walk away the winner? Seems obvious, right? Nope, think again! Fourth round SPOILER ALERT – the score is settled and the answer has been hiding in gum ads for all these years (i.e. if you have bad breath, you will never have a lover).

Asia Christina Shanahan-Jewett is an artist, innovator, and ambassador to the trash goblins. Buy Earthwurms zines and things in their Etsy shop. Follow them on Instagram: @earthwurms.

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