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MASS TEXT: Vampire Buscemi: a mini comic


Mini zines should run the world. They should be an affectionate currency for positive exchanges. Make a mini zine in exchange for a cup of coffee. 1 mini zine = a donut. I also see them as ends to serious schoolyard or basement agreements in which it’s handed over with a smooth handshake. Wink, wink. We good?

At the very least, mini zines are the perfect median for all niche ideas especially those of fandom. Sarah Burns harnesses this power in Vampire Buscemi: a mini comic. Vampire Buscemi is a standard one page mini zine that can only be adored. And if it were the case, that mini zines ran the world, this would fetch some attention for it’s pink paper and charming illustrations.

Just look at that Buscemi! No character could be more likable. In this mini comic, Vampire Buscemi overcomes their setbacks of being a vampire and embraces their true self with a passion. This vampire is who they are and that’s swell.

For more comic zines, Buscemi fandom, and commissions follow Sarah Burns on insta/twitter @amoebabutter or tumblr.


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