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Mass Text: Rebel Hearts & Restless Ghosts by William James


Taking its name from a MODERN LIFE IS WAR song, WILLIAM JAMES’ debut full length poetry collection REBEL HEARTS & RESTLESS GHOSTS is just as pressing and energetic as its title, filled with poems that are both urgent and touching, writings from a poet whose raw emotion and evident sincerity welcome the reader to simultaneously reflect on and indulge in both the brightness and darkness of the human experience.

With a gritty, honest and heartfelt voice, JAMES takes a look at himself and the world around him, capturing both in all their overlooked beauty and understated misery. From the mosh pits of underground basement shows to the inner workings of his own mind, JAMES gives us an intimate encounter of his experiences as a punk enthusiast and observant voyager, his dreams, hopes, joys, fears, friends, and family, taking an unflinching look at the sights, sounds, and situations that ultimately shaped him into the poet he is today.

JAMES delivers punk rock poetry in its most essential state: raw and unabridged. He shows us the tattooed knuckles of diehard hardcore kids, the sweat and sacrifice of compassionate warriors, those dedicated to leaving the world with a resounding message of community and companionship. He shows us the changing seasons of Pennsylvania, the view from a hospital ward. He shows us a dead bird on a country road and the simple joy of eating fresh fruit. WILLIAM JAMES shows us life in all its tragic glory, its unending majesty, its overwhelming splendor.

WILLIAM JAMES’ REBEL HEARTS & RESTLESS GHOSTS leaves readers with an undying feeling of hope, a satisfying appreciation that comes with celebration of the human spirit.


You can buy the collection at Timber Mouse Publishing.

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