Markus J. Buehler – Viral Counterpoint of the Coronavirus Spike Protein (2019-nCoV)

A strange one.


I will try to listen to as much music by
local artists as I possibly can. This re-
quires a strange system to gather all th-
e necessary materials.

The key is to figure out what you want f-
irst. You might know what you want. Then,
after you figure that out, you have to f-
igure out a way to find it. That’s the h-
ard part. It involves questions. Basic r-
esearch. Ideally, from my perspective, t-
here shouldn’t actually be an answer out
there. You should have to put the pieces
together yourself.

So, that is what I’ve done. But, I now r-
ealize 1) very few people are interested
in the things I am interested in 2) that
is probably a good thing 3) it seems lik-
e corporations are interested in these t-
hings I’m interested in, not individuals
and 4) that is bad.

I have a lot of music recorded. The idea
of putting things into a neural network a-
nd seeing what that produces is actually
very popular. Machine learning, automati-
on, and artificial intelligence are all
popular. But, they are treated as somet-
hing distant and futuristic. That isn’t
the case. That hasn’t been the case for
over 10 years. They were popular 50 yea-
rs ago but were even more esoteric then.

The problem, universally it seems, is so-
rting through all the information. It is
a common “modern” issue that is already a
cliche and hollow existential dilemma. A
great thing to write a book about. The s-
ame could be said of the data collection
and analysis performed by corporations a-
nd nation-states; often in tandem. Both
are wastes of time and minor threats. It
is to be expected.

Trade secrets necessitate espionage and
conspiracy. Treachery is infectious. Th-
e result is a schizophrenic culture. Th-
ere is the culture for “the average sch-
lub” – impotent, confused and pissed off
– and then there is the culture that ac-
tually matters. This is a dangerous pos-
ition to be in as an individual because
one culture, in a very real sense, domi-
nates another. It’s turns the future –
“The Plan” – into a secret. It creates
an inquistition climate before anyone r-
ealizes it. You also have to choose: op-
ppress or be oppressed.

Society needs more benevolent, honorabl-
e, mad scientists.

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