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Just when you thought your ears were safe, Memphis’ Manateees are at it again and out to rain sonic destruction down upon you with their aptly-titles newest 7”, “Destruktor,” out now on Tic Tac Totally. This time though, Manateees post-apocalyptic garage-punk has gotten even murkier and more unsettling than before. The trudging opener, “Beast,” taps into the same sludgy, misanthropic murk that Pissed Jeans, Flipper, and later-period Black Flag perfected while also managing to remind me of some of the darkest post-punk there is and also including some strangely Die Kreuzen-esque screams. These guys aren’t afraid to ride out a riff as far as they can, making this track strangely hypnotic; I’m not sure if I want to escape or never want to leave. The b-side, “Witch,” may be even better, trading in the sludge (at least at first) and instead tapping into the same dark punk that the Wipers and Dead Moon perfected. In the middle of the song though, Manateees go back to that slow, Sabbath-worshipping murk, with some downright manic screams and guttural singing that sounds like Satan himself is trying to escape from your speakers. In short, with this 7”, Manateees are making some of the most essential punk rock around; there’s no one out there that sounds quite like them in the sometimes seemingly over-saturated underground. These guys won’t stop moving forward, but you can try to catch up by picking up this 7” from Tic Tac Totally.

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