2017 Year Enders

Make it Stop’s Year Ender: The Worst Songs of 2017


For our year-ender, we decided to share our latest podcast, which is a retrospective on the worst songs of 2017. Make it Stop is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to excavating and dissecting the most vile, tasteless, and overwhelmingly unnecessary audio tragedies ever created. Hosted by self-appointed “tastemakers of trash” and frequent Hassle collaborators Heather Mack (of bands DEBRA and Solo Sexx and radio show Fresh Greenz) and Mike Dunn (of Blame Shifters), Make it Stop guarantees to take you on an audio journey you never wanted to go on, exploring the devastatingly awful depths of the worst music ever made. You can subscribe to the Make it Stop Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, or Podbean today, and be sure to check out our other episodes at www.podbean.com/makeitstopcast. We’re also on Facebook as Make it Stop, and Twitter as @makeitstopcast.

Episode Description: Happy new year, Stoppies! Just kidding. 2017 was already pretty brutal, but we’re here to put some crap-icing on the trash-cake with a roundup of the ten worst anti-anthems of this past year. Take a deep dive down with us to the bottom of the bad music barrel where we dissect the treacley corporate cut-and-paste drivel that characterized the worst of 2017. Be prepared to abandon your heroes as we bemoan the tepid trainwrecks put out by artists that last hit their prime over a decade ago, who should have taken our podcast’s advice to “make it stop” far before we ended up in this mess. Plus help us decide our next terrible album! Let’s hope 2018 is on the up and up, because it’s all downhill from here on this episode of Make it Stop.”

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