Magic Shoppe – Interstellar Car Crash EP


Magic Shoppe

By: Lady Bedouin

Magic Shoppe’s new EP, Interstellar Car Crash; let the sound in your ears. Why? Because it’s so groovy, upbeat, and mellow, flipping your mood and opening up a dialogue with your senses. Hearing the clench of four guitarists in synchronicity makes for a spellbinding release. The record has the stylings of a classic 78. A 10″ record, it holds four songs. Here’s a brief view of the tunes:

Here’s a brief on the tunes:


  1. Salventius takes off with a fuzzed-out shoegazy guitar sound, shimmering and swirling complimented by a solid bassline. The sound reminded me of 90’s shoegaze bands. The vocals are dreamy.
  2. City Alight (Yeah) is ethereal. It slows down and it comes back with a new urgency. Then it keeps that steady groove until it fades out totally.
  3. Redhead is more driving and excited, picking up more cues from grunge and garage rock. The song is after something.
  4. Interstellar Car Crash is more influenced by 70’s psychedelia with a certain nod to 90’s alternative. Vocals are more present in this splash of a song.


Flip, and it picks up pace, taking on a raw sound, & stops really suddenly into that epic pitchbend. By: Lady Bedouin.

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