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Time and time again, Lumpy & The Dumpers prove themselves to be the terminus of the SlimePunk Express. Their newest 7″ is an exaltation of all things putrid, a double-ode to the simple pleasure of getting filthy. The vocals are packed to the gums with even more drool than those that leaked out of their previous releases, and these turgid tunes show the band drifting closer to a hardcore side of their freakout/garage sound. Case in point: the mud-caked dancebeat of the title track glides smoothly into a beatdown bridge; “Ghoul Breath” periodically wades through a D-beat with a snare so deep and punchy it’s almost unsettling. But above all, Lumpy and his valiant Dumpers champion the weird – that reedy, rusty sax slurring through the A side, the hair-raising sound of a cauldron bubbling on the B track. Stream this off-color gem below, get physical with Total Punk, and be sure to take a bath afterwards.

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