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Lumpy and The Dumpers – Collection


Putting the bat back in bat shit insane is the hardcore punk outfit Lumpy and the Dumpers from St.Louis, MO with their LP Collection out on Australian label Space Ritual. Covering all of the singles they’ve self released at this point the music within is delivered with a caged animal intensity and an aural filth like it was recorded in the sewer. Returning to the bluntness of early Black Flag the band keeps the riffs noisy and simple while ripping through less covered topics from eel goo to gnats in the pisser.”One of these days you’re gonna face the meat one two fuck you” begins one of their songs and it perfectly represents their unique, dirty style. Speaking of dirty that’s exactly what you’ll be after leaving one of their shows as they’ve been known to bring along a bucket of slime for the audience to smear on each other.

One look at their disturbing (and funny with its Spanish subtitles) NSFW video “Sex Pit” makes it clear that this band is willing to push the line and don’t care who they offend. Bad Brains may be long gone but this band keeps the torch alive while still maintaining a sense of humor in a genre that rarely shows it. How can they not with a name like that?

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