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Full length beast of a motorcharged shitkicker from Richmond metal punk nasties!


Here we have the first full length offering from Richmond, VA’s LOUD NIGHT. Born from the ashes of Boston’s RAMMING SPEED after the band relocated south a few years back, the propulsive and unrelenting energy was not only not lost in this transition but kicked even a gear higher. The DNA of Loud Night is thoroughly steeped in the vein of classic Scandinavian hardcore such as TOTALITAR and AVSKUM, modern motorcharged outfits SPEEDWOLF and WHIPSTRIKER, with a nod to high flying, twin shredder mayhem not unlike ANNIHILATION TIME. There is still a clear love of heavy crust like TRAGEDY and DISFEAR that these guys have continually refined and tightened their grip on through the years. This release is 13 songs and 37 minutes long but goes by fast- if you’ve ever caught them live before, you’ve seen that they don’t waste time on anything but full speed ahead crust n’ roll that is as fun as it uncompromisingly blazing. The record is consistent in pacing and style throughout, until the last standout track, BOOTS ON THE GROUND, that dials the speed down for a moment into plodding, midtempo metallic savagery with face-melting dual lead axes, not unlike album closers on previous RS releases. Set ender for sure. Grab your friends, a case of beer, crank your stereo til our neighbors get pissed, and have a LOUD FUCKING NIGHT!

2020, Vinyl Conflict

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