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This is a duo, one of the persons being the prolific N. Rocco, he of Compass Header art and cool bands like FUTURE DAYS. Rocco and his band of talented miscreants, described by my Hassle colleague Patrick Collins as an “incestuous, protean mass of creativity” (I can do no better than that description), are the living, breathing ideal of the holiest Allston way of life. Surround yourself with creativity, don’t be afraid to fall, and hopefully sooner than later more and more of what you endeavor to create is going to be pretty special. I’ve seen it time and time again, and often in that place they call Lower Allston.

LOS GREYS is not the first thing that I’ve LOVED from Rocco, and gang (I should probably just find out who the hell else is in this duo so I can stop being so ambiguous, sorry other person, you’re great.), but it is the latest. In 2 soundcloud demos, both untitled, I have been drawn waaaay into this music. The sky appears to be the limit. “Untitled 1” is a wobbly and bent Asian string riff slow morph into an understated rhythmic ambient noise concoction. I love the blend, and at 5 minutes I feel totally satisfied in all sectors. Peculiar grooves. “Untitled 2” goes all the way to the corner @ the other end of the spectrum, sits down and takes its shoes off. Cheapo keyboard beat, and blown out, pretty as anything psych pop power. Real ugly pretty stuff. Quite a pair of tunes. Must hear more. Give me more!

I hadn’t even heard these guys until very recently. I was actually asking N. Rocco about something completely unrelated when he mentioned that LOS GREYS is heading down to North Carolina for the always killer and impressive SAVAGE WEEKEND in May. So now, we may even get a report on the fest from him!!!??? If you happen be near there, if there’s even tickets left, you should check that fest out, the lineup is ridiculous…so many bands, and by my count 20 of them from New England!!!!

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