Los Greys – Angel Lust


Just visiting earth are the lyrics crooned on “Warmer Days,” a track off Los Greys’ new album Angel Lust. And with the otherworldly sounds of the album, it seems that the band is in fact just visiting earth briefly to share their sweet psych pop with the planet’s inhabitants.

Angel Lust is the perfect warp of time and sounds. “Jerry’s Gold” could easily transport you to the late ‘60’s/early 70’s where you’d find yourself adorned in trippy, colorful button-downs and bell bottoms in their full glory. The reverbed guitar licks mixed with the hum of a trombone and mellow, pleasant vocals combine to create a dreamy sound that is more or less a warm embrace of the soul. Meanwhile, “Australia” and “Hive Minded” speak to the minimalist indie style of today. The songs themselves are complex, but each musical part aims to be as straightforward as possible. The lyrics are exhibited in their bare, blatant form in the latter song. In “Australia” the vocals are layered and laden with psychedelic effects—the sound is classic, yet relevant.

And the classic nature of Angel Lust is exactly what makes the album so likeable. It’s a flawless fusion of sugar-coated psych and edgy, electrically inspired vibes. If you imagine yourself frolicking through a field that looks as though it’s in the lens of a kaleidoscope, and then put that field in another galaxy on a planet that is ridden with everything wonderful, THEN you might begin to get a sense of just how ethereal Angel Lust is.

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