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Lizzo — “Bus Passes and Happy Meals”


This shit is like a year old, but that’s what you (I) wind up with when you’re (I’m) not prepared, and no matter how hard you (I) try, none of the new shit that’s making it to the ear zone is inspiring enough to write about. I’ve been onto Minneapolis’ LIZZO for a little while (ever since my sister-in-law Erin saw her open up some big concert and relayed the message). LIZZO’s most recent record LIZZOBANGERS came out at some point in 2014, and it very very much rules. Obviously MISSY ELLIOT is a touchstone, but LIZZO goes way beyond that, totally projecting positive vibes and bringing a very uplifting and pro-body, pro-female message along for the party ride. Both the video for “Bus Passes and Happy Meals” and the song itself are banging and totally memorable. Filled with hooks, and featuring a serious back beat. Haters are just complainers. Word. Video directed by Annette Navarro.

Get a hold of some more off kilter party rap vibeage with the video below for “Batches & Cookies”, another track from LIZZOBANGERS. Totally hoping that LIZZO does something amazing next! She’s set up to do so, making some of the most fun and bumpin’ underground rap I’ve heard in a long while. Also, LIZZO, come to Boston, seems like you’re skipping us on your next tour…

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