Littlefoot — “Black Hole”


White dwarfs are stellar corpses. The altered remains of something that once was. They linger in perpetual decay.

As lead singer Erica Sutherland goes through the day’s mundane moments, that lingering something is never far. The white dwarf takes the form of a masked figure, an ominous force that follows and watches and waits.

The lyrics and music together paint a picture of vastness light years wide. A vastness that spans the distance between these two once-intimate people. It is a vastness filled with empty things that were meant to be discarded once used up. The video captures this feeling and builds on it well.

It closes out with Erica staring out at ocean with darkened skies, holding a tarot card for the Fool. A card with no assigned value, traditionally. The masked memory has been put in context. It is gone now.

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