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the punk of summers past



Every day is the same now. My eyes are dry and my feet won’t stay warm. I’ve completely tuned out a handful of days but the world is blossoming out of our sight; filled with the chirps of birds who may have only ever known this desolate sanctuary. The winds and rains breathe deeper and take their rightful ownership of the world by blanketing us with their richness. Dissolving into every inch of soil, they wash away the dust of our delayed exhaustion. I will soon be tired again.

But the good word is that the cold is nearing an end and there’s nothing quite like organic warmth to fuel new tunes.  Although I miss paying too much for drip coffee in a hurry, enough about where we are and more about where we will be.


Little Priest, a local punk/experimental artist is truly bringing out the strung out wisdom mixed with true noise that comprises so much of the punk-alternative we’ve come to love. s/t is Shawnie Brando’s (who you should know as the singer of Bugs and Rats, or even KTB – Dan) latest album which was released April, 25th 2020. Consisting of six tracks, most of them are eponymous to the lyrics which is the kind of simple artistry I can appreciate.

The first track off s/t – “even though we might burn in the next world…keep your love alive first” –  sets the tone with syncopated beats and fuzzy guitar feedback. The depth is perfectly balanced and the sass is there. Reverberation alone opens up the room. Lonely retro strums fade into the foreground and the track blossoms into the anthem it is at its core. Pure alternative declaration.



“turtle”, brings us right back to the attitude we feed off of. “I don’t need anyone. I won’t get left behind”, whispers Brando, the mastermind behind Little Priest. Rock nostalgia in your ear. A steady grind for heavy relaxing and sun basking. A song to tangle your toes into the grass. Hear the sizzle.

s/t in its entirety empathizes with the longing we’ve all been experiencing lately. Blown out speaker vibes and swerving vocals feel like home. A quintessential quarantine haze. Retrofit daydreaming will leave you with a loveable grumble of noise. 

Little Priest often gives off a surfer feel riding on quicker notes and high-pitched tunes that match the return of summertime. Portable fans are turning on everywhere and somewhere along the way we woke up in a sweat. Its recorded feel is like listening to a happy memory; the punk of summers past. This music deserves to be blasted.



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