Little Musket – Electric Demos (EP)

Summer demos from Catherine Conley


Catherine Conley (Little Musket) returns with a 3-song EP (Electric Demos) full of raw energy and distortion. The spotlight falls on her vocals for the most part of the EP, moving into guitar breaks where the production constantly tweaks the effects on the guitar to push the motion of the songs.

The first track is an homage to country/folk icon Dolly Parton. The lyrics portray Catherine’s desire to become a younger version of “Dolly” while introspectively digging into the reasons why that might not be the case. The upbeat drums and monotonous bass work surprisingly well sustaining the song’s energy throughout; simplicity is, more often than not, the best answer. The presence of a male vocalist also adds contrast to a song that remains at a high level of intensity until its end.

“dolly parton is so awesome 
at dollywood I had so much fun 
dolly parton shines so brightly 
cause she’s always got her rhinestones on 
and I wish that I could have a little of her charm”

“Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” is a Paula Cole cover that Little Musket performs emotionally. Building on a power-rock drum groove, the band jumps right into the beat with a new punk touch on the guitars. The vocals seem prominent, frontal, whereas the drums move away in the stereo image, creating a bigger ambient space. Catherine hits all the high  notes with precision and passion.

“Summer Song” is a more melodic, Lo-Fi original. The song orbits between a minimalistic verse of slightly detuned guitars and a hook where backing vocals harmonize the lead like little raindrops, coloring the pavement. The lyrics talk about a break from life, an end to the stress and the beggining of summer. The production again keeps the song moving forward, bouncing back and forth between instrumental breaks and verses.

Little Musket presents a raw record that comprises many different influences (funk, punk, lo-fi…) and production styles. The variation between close and distant drums, processed and unprocessed guitars create a wall of sound behind the vocals.

Photo Credits: Omari Spears

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