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When I first peeped the video for “I’ma Read” I really didn’t like it. Brooklyn MC Zebra Katz’s first single left a bad taste in my mouth the first few times I heard it actually. A shockingly simple song about hurling insults towards your opponent hinges, on an old voguing term from gay parlance, “reading”. To read someone is to dig deep, and to find out freaky, fucked, and funky things about them that are not so apparent to the average person, and then to use that info subtley to insult them. To truly appreciate Katz’s steeze, you need to do some reading. Lyrics like “I’ma read that bitch, I’ma take that bitch to college, I’ma teach that bitch some knowledge” hit your hears like scud missiles, while the heavy kick drum bumps like moombahton played on a submarine. I am so psyched to see where this insanity leads, Diplo’s new label, Jeffries, has just signed Katz and released the “I’ma Read” track and video, which has since been followed with a boat load of like minded minimal madness. GET IT WHILE ITS HOT!


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