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Sample heavy slow jamz from Pittsburgh by way of Texas! Yes, what a recipe. Some people will be turned off by the overt pop-ness of WISEBLOOD(not to be confused with the Foetus offshoot) but I am not one them and these jamz RULE. Now we are wandering into the kind of dance music that I am talking about! Big slow hip hop drums meet all sorts of messed with samples, and some falsetto, and choruses you can sing along to. Mad catchy, that’s all I have to say. Vocals are generally delivered in a rap sing song sort of way that just makes this infectious. You can’t really hear what the singer is saying, but does it really matter in this context? Do you even want to know what he’s saying while you’re dancing away to his tunes? Maybe you do, and for you, I’m sure there’s a lyric sheet somewhere. Vocals are affected and part of the texture. Really impressive is the interweaving of the singer’s vocals with the sampled backing vocals, and other vocal bits found throughout these tunes. “Hannah Motown” is two minutes of waiting for the pay off. And the pay off never comes! And I love it. So simple, so catchy. Some would say dumb, but this kind of fun takes effort. I see that WISEBLOOD is playing the Paradise in Boston on 5/27, so clearly I’m late to the party(again!). Check this out. Maybe next time around we’ll be able to catch this show at someplace more intimate? Who knows. Big thanks to Pittsburgh for this. GRAND BUFFET, EXTREME ANIMALS. Secret party town?!



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