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Here we have some East Coasters who wandered to Vancouver, set up shop, met a guy from Jackie O Motherfucker and theses are results. A self titled LP that came out a couple years ago, but is still piping hot yo. Drones apart, meandering guitar excursions with truly nowhere to go, and a bevy of fluttering synths and other floating aural detritus.”Eyeglasses of Kentucky” features a wicked, funky synth and insanely simple drum patter combo which paves the road for at first reverb’d guitar and additional synth squiggle, and eventually a wandering of that funky synth itself. “Murray 606” starts with the sounds of a drone birth, and then drons away it does until that wandering guitar saunters in with a drum beat in tow. All that eventually fades away as a dense electronic fog settles in to finish he song. Krauty, and free, funky, and buzzing with the menace of something like a John Carpenter score at times. This does rule. Definitely a funkier than the norm drone record.


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