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>LISTEN TO: USAISAMONSTER(one of the most important underground bands of the last decade)



USAISAMONSTER was one of the most exciting
bands to be found on Mother Earth during the
first decade of the 2000s. A noise rock duo
out on the farthest end, during their tenure
with us they morphed into more of a psycho-
prog outfit, never leaving noisiness behind
though, not in the least bit. Just two guys,
Tom and Colin, they managed to make much
more SOUND than most bands could when they
were trying to be sooo loud and had invited
a bunch of their froends over to do a “noise
thing”. Providence’s Load Records put out most
of their records, and they did play in bands in
Boston and put out records on labels here(Infrasound), so
New England loved them. BUT these two guys,
these two guys really blazed trails, really
kept that torch lit like few others during some
of the dark days in our species’ history. I
would go out on a limb and say that
USAISAMONSTER is one of the most important bands
in terms of raw sounds, in terms of keeping the
underground/diy spirit alive, in terms of
invigorating minds to always question the status
quo, and to pay attention to the past in order to
learn some goddamn thing. And though I clearly am
coming from the perspective of a New Englander
I believe that they stirred up this kind of feeling
all over this country and beyond. Sick fucking band.

They are gone now, but they have a new posthumous record
out, “R.I.P.“. Listen to it and all their records!!!
Colin continues on with the CSC Funk Band, the Colin
Langenus Orchestra, and I’m sure other projects.
Tom currently plays with From The Skies.
They’ve both played Boston recently! Check em out!

Personal pick: Tasheyana Compost (Load Records)

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