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What’s up peoples?

Trying to keep it short today. I’m gonna cut to the chase and just say
that I’m wicked surprised that not more people have latched onto the
pure awesomeness of this unique DC hardcore/punk band from the
early-to-mid 80s…. UNITED fucking MUTATION!

It’s difficult to describe them without falling back on the obvious
set of terms that other websites have relied on: punk, hardcore,
psychedelic, crust, noise? Dunno. Their tunes range from succinct
thrashers with unintentionally proto-crust/metal vocals (sounds like a
stoned SIEGE played on the wrong slow speed or something) to loose and
trippy autistic noise, to rippin’ punk rock ragers complete with sassy
vox and full psychedelic wackiness on display. It doesn’t really make
much sense to try just one of their tunes – soak all their tunes up
and dive into this awesome free-spirited historical oddity of early

by Chris Leamy

“Try” their discography CD here:

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