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Detroit’s TYVEK has been one of the most exciting “garage rock” bands kicking around for some quite some time. Their first secret was always that they were good enough songwriters to cover their tunes in glop, but still allow the songs to shine through and grab the listener. Their second secret was that through their general tune quality and the badass-ness of their sounds they got stamped legit by a large swath of the potential garage rock audience. And this legit-ness allowed them to fuck around with all sorts of noisiness and general post-punk kind of spice that would get frowned upon by many a garage rocker. Noisy and tuneful and full of piss, a delicate balancing act indeed. Then they came out with this record and changed it up a little bit. On NOTHING FITS they end up sounding like a harder, heavier, and less nasally Showcase Showdown. And they continue to rule! They’re just in a way, a lot more punk sounding now. Or at least they were when they recorded this record. I haven’t heard anything newer. High energy like crazy when the played the Magic Room in Brighton a while back. LONG LIVE TYVEK.



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