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Tod Dockstader is a legendary sound sculpturist, a master of tape music, and an electronic music and musique concrete composer. His soundscapes take on many forms. From mechanical odysseys perhaps describing the lifespan of some unseen intergalactic vehicle to droning passages that eventually take you some place outside of your known realm to synth safaris that wander into a region somewhere close to bordering a John Carpenter soundtrack. And that’s not even close to summing it up. This is some heavy brain enlarging stuff. Take a peek. And to finish a note from the best site out there on Dockstader.

(From the Unofficial Tod Dockstader site): Listening to Dockstader is like listening to an event as it unfolds for the first time. It is not to eavesdrop on a institutionalised and monologic music of the past, but it is to embrace a form of musical polyphony that does not reduce the “diversity of time” to the hierarchic dimension of originators and imitators. With Dockstader we are invited to listen to sound as it emerges in its materiality: a present becoming the future by way of the past. A reclaimed history. Most of all, as listeners, Dockstader makes sure that we are eminently qualified in that the basis of his experimentation is the basis of our own experimentation as listeners: we too work “directly with the sound” in our ears.Listening is time regained.

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