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Psychedelic music has really made a comeback down south in Tennessee, and the band that captivates its spirit the most is Trouble in Mind’s The Paperhead. Its three members are in college now, but they recorded their self-titled release at the ripe age of eighteen. Their age doesn’t worsen the quality of their sound as much as it adds playful energy and intense determination. Plus, the guys are knowledgable, and their record collections are inspiring in size and breadth. Their influences aren’t just Pipers Pink Floyd and Preservation Society Kinks — they’ve dug to the core of 60’s psychedelia to find the elements that make each song just as drug-induced, sunny and twisted as their Nuggets-era forefathers. Its notable members include lead singer Ryan Jennings, a precocious sitar and guitar player who leads the songs with a distinct dreamy croon. Swirling organs and guitar effects make for a rich soundscape, and every song is ripe and full. Even though The Paperhead is brilliant at such a young age, a few years might help them surpass their own idols.

by Alison Kozol

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