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THE MEN exploded on the music that does not suck scene last year with their record LEAVING HOME. They’ve released a bunch of cassettes, and a couple of other vinyl slabs in their time here on earth. And with each(not that I’ve heard them all, but I ASSUME) ears have been blasted, and the listener has been reminded of what a punk band without rigid boundaries can manage to sound like. Drawing from what is probably a deep collective record collection these guys touch upon many genres and subgenres and seem to know what is good to take and what is good to leave behind from each. You gotta know when to hold em, you gotta know when to fold em, or something like that. These Brooklynites smashed our heads in with their rock(rock bands take note, here’s one of your breathren who knows what the fuck is up) @ the HOMEGROWN 3 fest and now they have a recently released record called OPEN YOUR HEART out on SACRED BONES(who also released their last record). Considering the contents found within OPEN YOUR HEART, the title of the record could be taken literally as the band looking to reach a larger swath of the sea of humanity. Ears are certainly not fully safe from bashing therein, but no doubt more gentle moments are to be found on this record than any of their previous efforts. The first track “Turn It Around” starts off sounding startingly similar to the intro to “Suspect Device”, but quickly veers away from such a comparison blasting off into the ether, non-stop driving rock, replete with sweet guitar solos and interludes. “Animal” gets going with some tribal drums and retains the rock-ness while bringing in the other vocalist, some female backing vocals, and some slide guitar. With all those FEEDTIME reissues as of late comparisons are hard not to draw. “Country Song” isn’t quite what it’s title describes, but it is a lazy trip down the river that leads to the chill zone. Twangy guitars wrap around one another, the drums come in, the guitars continue to do so, and you are invited to take a breather. Further into the record these men touch upon folk rock, some more punk-ishness, and some real deal drone rock. Interesting and varied and successful in all directions throughout, highly addictive, and so worthy of repeat listens; straight up, go get their new record. Start a band. Follow the lead laid down here. And also, to THE MEN, come to Boston again! People really love you here!


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