TAPS is the duo of Brendan Murray and Chris Strunk. Both performers are well known within various sectors, Murray for gorgeous solo long form sound art drones, Strunk for his wild drumming in punk(Vile Bodies, etc.) and fringe/noise groups(Quits(his collabo w/ Heathen Shame), etc.) and heavy involvement within various local music scenes. Here we have TAPS two song digital EP, TAPS. Both tracks clock in at over ten minutes and both are truly mesmerizing. The first, “Fixtures” is a slow build over a loop of what could be the warning buzzer for a nuclear plant’s meltdown. The drums stagger in eventually as a sullen keyboard enters the fray amid various glitched out moments, buzzer loop receding to the background. Murray has a wonderful way with melody and his line here is perfect for the wander toward oblivion that the song prophecizes. The other track “Raining In Your House” is a far more jittery tune, the drums providing a constant patter along side a simple bass line, evoking images of some kind of  mechanical thing pushing forward through some poorly lit subterranean place. Slowly building. Slowly moving toward a light. Moody ambience from a master sound artist and a subdued wildman drummer.  Awesome local music.


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