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>LISTEN TO: SKIMASK / GO TO: Skimask/You And Your Pointy Ears @ Middlesex TONIGHT FREE



Part of the Primordial Sounds series happening wednesdays monthly over @ Middlesex…

To use Primordial Sounds own words(which we trust fully):

“Skimask is the “Fuck You” you’ve always wanted to give to every ignorant drone asshole you’ve ever met but never got the chance to. If the ideals and values that gave birth to Punk rock still exist, Skimask is their last hope. “

“Gralla’s (YAYPE) approach to the lo-fi/garage/psych sound is one of hazy melodic bliss and psychedelic exploration; like getting stoned in an isolation chamber, or floating down a river with a jug of wine and a pair of headphones.”

Ski Mask is just one of the most awesomely energetic, fun, and plain ass sick bands moving around Boston these days. Brutal fuzz and noisiness, but touched ever so gently with pop, and Mr. Andy Brown is out front, in need of anger management sessions, but unable to bring himself to talk to his doctor about it!(and he doesn’t have health insurance anyway) Do yourself a favor! It’s FREE(but 21+). See below for a Skimask performance from BATV’s Golden Sounds Series…


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