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Its not often the freak’s are up front, getting all the attention, and don’t make a fuss about it. Rotten Apples are Allston’s favorite sons for a reason though; anti-pretentious, super lo-fi knee jerking post-punk psych-folk, affectionally (and accurately) called Cult Rock, and the camaraderie they supply is not a far cry from that. The coolest people make the coolest music; in a perfect world. Well shit must be going pretty well around here, because that seems to be the case. Rotten Apples have been killing it for a long time, with a sound that would work in late 70’s New York or Mid 90’s Seattle as well as current era Brooklyn or Boston, Rotten Apples has that mass appeal, and works hard for it. Always down for anything, and coming together to play OFTEN, you will always have a chance to peep these cats. Chat ’em up, smoke ’em down, you’ll see them all around town, and be glad. Cause scene uniting bands are rare homie, and we all love Rotten Apples. Be sure to peep their 10”, released on the legendary 100% Breakfast Label!



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