Cambridge’s REPORTS have been making a racket all around the Boston area for quite a few years now. With one foot firmly in fuzzy garage pop territory and the other planted amidst the jangly and scraggly indie rock schools, REPORTS serve up a fresh & loose take on the melodic distorto pop form. Their second full length was just released by the awesome RIDE THE SNAKE RECORDS last week. It’s called DINAMO CAMBRIDGE and it flies by, despite featuring a 12 minute + tune! Actually most of the tracks are rather short, serving the nature of this band who clearly have deep record collections. Everything from the VU, to Guided By Voices, to Nuggets psych, to Aussie underground pop feels like it’s a part of the mixture here, but none of those influences ever really burst to the surface, harshing the scene. REPORTS work from a delicious and well constructed recipe it would seem. The opener “Turnaround” is a serious punch to the chest coming out the gate with some fierce riffage and a guitar solo almost before the vocals really kick in. Garage punk in all its messy glory rarely hits the target like this. People are going crazy to this somewhere I know. They should be going crazy to it everywhere! Most of the tracks stay in the 2 minute sector but then there’s the track “Dinamo Cambridge.” This is the aforementioned 12 minute track and it is a beastly stunner. For fans of drone pop you cannot do better. It is impossible to listen to the chill, rolling riff and winding organ in this tune and not get completely washed over and eventually mesmerized. If you want to lose an hour listen to this tune 5 times. It will go pretty easy. Another LP full of nuggets from some of the best underground rockers anywhere near the River Charles.


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