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RED HORSE provide us listeners with a never ending clatter, broken up only by insane blasts of noise, and shards of dissonant feedback, on their second self titled full length out now on TYPE. Former Bostonian, drummer/noisemaker Eli Keszler, and guitarist/noisemaker Steve Pyne make up this Providence duo. What each is doing at a specific moment I’m not sure, but what I do l know is that these tunes are creepy, and as atmospheric as anything you’re likely to hear soon. Drifting in and out of rhythmic consciousness Red Horse’s music offers up a a creaking, buzzing, often hellish ride. Maybe an ancient, but still barely functional haunted house ride at a long forgotten amusement park has just buzzed to life as you flick a switch. The lights are flickering sporadically, and the barely discernible shadows twitch constantly and the wheels are crying for oil, and you step into the cart against your better judgement and go off into the stinking darkness…it’s a lot like that what with Keszler providing his usual subdued wildness on the drums, and Pyne creating noise problem after noise problem with his chosen equipment. A very enjoyable and intersting noise/out-jazz thing.

Red Horse – Red Horse by _type

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