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>LISTEN TO: Pregnant Neck – Scaffolder Olcer 7"



Agitated, and aggravated shredded guitar post-punk/80s underground sounds out of Essex, England from the late 80s/early 90s. Very unfriendly in all respects, and that is really the hook. The guitar pukes riffs throughout. The drums and bass play some other song as stuttering singer and skittering guitar have caught on tape mental breakdowns. Late 80s Seattle guitar tones and British post-punk vocals are here for you. Listen to on really good days so as to bring you back down to earth. “Silicone Implants” is a pretty sweet example of the tripping over one another rhythmic style that this gang excels at. This guitar is ON THE LOOSE.

DOWNLOAD: Pregnant Neck – Scaffolder Olcer 7″

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