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Indra Dunis from the awesome, defunct NUMBERS is currently in a band called Peaking Lights(actually she’s in a couple, see also: Rahdunes). It’s a duo with her husband, Aaron Coyes and they are based in Wisconsin. This is some far off in the distance pop. Distant sounding but not feeling. Of the now in its hazy aesthetic, but this band isn’t hiding behind that haze and buzz. No, these two are purposefully enveloping themselves in it and it seems natural for their music. Desert melody vocals heavily soaked in reverb roll slowly by as primitive electronics provide queasily charming melodies that lope on in no hurry at all, ever. The guitar and synth melodies joyfully meander, stalling for nothing, slowly getting us there. Strange canned beats hang out behind a heavy dosage of dubbed out reggae rhythm action. Pretty cool to hear these folks finding ways to incorporate dub sounds and reggae feelings into a weird pop mix in a way that doesn’t make me want to kill myself. The whole thing has a dubbed out feeling and mood even when the associated rhythms are not present. New record is called 936 and it’s out on NotNotFun. Come to Boston gang!



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