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1971 opens up with homey sounds that certainly feel like being with a bunch of friends in somebody’s parent’s garage with a bunch of brews and a bong. It takes you to a place that’s dimly lit and permeated in thick whorls of smoke and honeyed, Southern heat. Indeed, the first track off the album closes with a gigantic bong rip. That sort of touch is what makes Natural Child so damn delightful. Throughout 1971, the band takes us on a nice jaunt through their stylistic and musical skills, showcasing their ability to incorporate a bluesy psychedelic twang to their stoner garage rock sensibilities. They effortlessly expound on getting old (“Yer Birthday”), drinking (“Beer”) and the inevitable death of a relationship (“Let It Bleed”) throughout the album, which boasts 11 songs and over thirty minutes in playback. Do take a moment to put on the record and break out your stash, because it’s time to toke to Natural Child.

by Sonam Parikh


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