I most recently saw Kurt Weisman @ the Whitehaus Family‘s WEIRDSTOCK 3(aka We Are Guest Talk Free $10). He did a set of winding, eclectic duo keyboard compositions. It was pretty mesmerizing as much of this guy’s music definitely can be. Kurt is from Vermont, and was in the band FEATHERS, amongst other projects( he played some keyboards on the HAPPY BIRTHDAY record, one of our major recent favs). He’s released a couple records now, his most recent being last year’s ORANGE, released on AUTUMN RECORDS on which he exchanged his glitched out cut and paste self for the nakedness of pretty much just voice and guitar. ORANGE is a beautiful album of deft country blues twisted up with outsider folk so that it is a new strange wonderful thing. This is an album that proves that a supposed thing like New Weird America is more than just a passing fad, but rather a part of the big ol’ musical tapestry moving forward. “Let My Spirit Rise” is a gorgeous lullaby set to a chiming keyboard and rippling guitar, falsetto and whistling floating along on a bubbling brook of sound. “Rainbow Blues” is indeed a blues, a country blues brought down from the hills of Appalachia, or maybe over from the Delta. Wherever it came from it sounds right, and far from trite which in the 2010s is a near miracle for a relatively traditional earnest take on the blues.”When I Saw Him With You” is some serious melencholy pop in the vein of some solo Lennon action. No lie, this is amazing songwriting. Mid song a guitar with a tone like butter shows up and pulls some Bolan moves wandering all around in the most pleasant way before showing us the way back to the beautiful verse/chorus. Lest you think this is just a straight album of awesome songs…don’t worry! Tunes like “Orange” wander into the weird, and Fahey’s ghost arrives via the likes of “New England Snakes.” Really I can’t beleive it’s taken me so long to write about this guy/this record. One of the most wonderful performers operating out of our New England these days.

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