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Joeseph Spence! One of the wildest and wooliest guitarists of all time! Let’s start with this Bahamiam’s singing. He sings not just in broken English, but in a style that suggests he might have a straight up broken mouth. And I say this with love and admiration, for his singing is truly truly singular and amazing(and has probably influenced several generation of noiseniks in their own singing styles). My understanding is that he wasn’t actually trying to sing as much as keep place in song so…just the most stunningly garbled vocals ever. And all of that on top of wildly off kilter virtuosic guitar playing that just grabs a hold of you and never lets go. First brought to light for an audience of westerners by the musicologists Sam and Anne Charters, working for the Folkways label, Joseph Spence stands as an amazing true original on the guitar. I would also say that Spence stands as a shining example of the far out things an artist can do when they allow themselves to merge with their art. LISTEN!

MORE: Joseph Spence Folways site

Joseph Spence – If I Had the Wings Of A Dove

Joseph Spence – Santa Claus Is Coming to Town(a must for every christmas party you ever again attend!)

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